The Plan
From the creators of, we bring you,!
We still don’t know how much the PS3 will cost, but we set the target at $400, it shouldn’t be too far off that price. Once the price is finalized, we will raise the extra money if needed, and if not, we will place a pre-order for the console, and be one of the first people to get our hands on it. After we do, we will destroy it in front of all the PS3 fanboys moments after we buy it, most likely at the local EB Games. This is only a social experiment, for the entertainment of the donors, and visitors of this site. For more info, read the faq.

November 1st 2005 – 8pm – This is the worst performing site! Don’t you wanna see the PS3 die? I guess Sony fanboys have the deepest pockets, and therefore the other 2 projects are reforming quite well.

October 15th 2005 – 5pm – Site forums are up, which can be accessed via the navigation bar, or by clicking here.

October 14th 2005 – 1am – Off to a pretty slow start, but we got the first public donation today. Hopefully things will pick up. Spread the word!

October 9th 2005 – 6pm – After getting a really good response on the site, I decided why not do it with latest game consoles, in front of hundreds of fanboys? We are going to be doing this with each of the next-gen consoles that are coming out in these next few months!

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