Using Creams to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Using Creams to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks occur when the skin experiences some stresses that make them stretch or shrink to some point. Due to the pressure subjected to the skin surface, the elastogen as well as the collagen tissues break; hence the skin ruptures. The collagen as well as elastogen are two types of tissues that are responsible for a skin with no scars. The stretch marks appear as the skin heals. Also, the stretch mark can arise due to other reasons such as fluctuating levels of hormone and much more. There are very high chances of getting the stretch marks during the following times;

  • Rapid weight loss /gain
  • During pregnancy for the female
  • During growth spurts at puberty
  • When one has rapid muscle growth

In this article, we are going to look at ways of using creams to get rid of stretch marks. Various studies have shown that the creams are the perfect products for getting rid of the stretch marks. Therefore, it is essential to determine the best type of cream to use to get rid of the stretch marks. Some of the ingredients used to make the creams are known to have some harmful chemicals, and hence, such creams should be avoided. Check out the official site of to gain more information. Below are the ways to use the creams to get rid of the stretch marks. They include:


Use the Cream on Early Stretch Marks

It is essential to try and get rid of the stretch marks at their early stages. Some of the stretch marks become hard to get rid of when they are on their late stages. Some of the creams seem like they don’t have any effect on the stretch mark when they are on their late stage. Hence, ensure you treat the stretch mark at an early stage as possible.

Ensure You Apply the Cream Every Day

Some of the stretch marks persist in the skin because most people only use the creams on for a few days, and then they give up. The creams do not work immediately, and therefore, one is required to apply them for several days even if the person does not notice any change. For the best results, one should use the cream for a few weeks.

Massage the Cream Well in the Stretch Mark

skin care

For the cream to help you in getting rid of the stretch mark, it is advisable to ensure you massage the cream well in the scar. By doing so, you will enable the cream to penetrate to the responsible tissues and help in getting rid of the rapture.

Ensure the Cream Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Tretinoin

Research indicates that using a cream that contains hyaluronic acid and the tretinoin are of great importance in getting rid of the stretch marks. The two ingredients make the stretch marks less noticeable.

Other ways one can use the get rid of the stretch marks include;

coconut oil

  • Using coconut oil
  • Massaging the skin using the black tea
  • Putting onions along the stretch mark
  • Applying the egg whites in the stretch mark
  • Spreading the Aloe Vera oil in the area with the stretch mark
  • Rubbing the stretch mark using the potato juice and much more

By considering the above-discussed ways for getting rid of the stretch marks, definitely, you will be able to get rid of the stretch marks within the shortest time possible.…

Three Ways to Improve Your Mental State

Three Ways to Improve Your Mental State

Living in a crowded city can be distressing. What is worse about that condition is that you may not realize it. What you may feel is only a mixed emotion of sadness, hopelessness, loneliness, and anxiety. Once it gets severe, you may also lose your appetite and have difficulties to sleep.

The knowledge of mind refreshing becomes more than just a complementary but a necessity for survival. The saying dictates that a healthy mind lives inside a healthy body, but the mind affects the body’s health as well.

Consuming the CBD (Cannabidiol)

a female vaperThe latest development in psychotropic studies has concluded that marijuana was the most abused and misunderstood plant in human history. Countries have begun to legalize marijuana only for the past five years. The plant used to be treated like other potent psychotropic drugs that have detrimental side effects.

Today, marijuana legalization benefits not only the countries that have lifted the ban but also others who have not followed. Scientists have managed to separate the psychotropic property of marijuana. It turned out that THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) was the chemical ingredient responsible for the intoxication, while CBD (Cannabidiol) held the healing benefits.

Visit your local pharmacy and see if there are CBD extracts available. If they are not, you can check the local online stores and CBD merchant accounts. For your information, CBD juice has also become a trend among vapers. You should ask them about the item.

Get More Exercise

yoga in natureYou may feel bored with your condition, yet you are too lazy to go outside. The longer you let that mind state lingers on your mind, the more likely you are to feel depressed. Even if your body rejects your plan, drag yourself to the outside world and breathe some fresh air!

You do not need to exercise in the gym because the indoor atmosphere can be irritating. Gym workouts are often redundant and monotonous because you there is no view but the equipment and other members. If you go to the city’s park, you will have more chances to refresh your mind. There are trees, open air, dogs, and other outdoor objects that can prevent you from feeling claustrophobic.

Cycling, hiking, and even swimming are three other outdoor exercises that can help you to refresh your mind. If you do not mind some friends to tag along with you, then the workout session can be your opportunity to make new friends and nurture the existing relationship. Friendship does matter for your mental health.

Playing RPG Games

holding an xbox controllerIf you do not know what RPG (Role Playing Game) is, then the time has come to you to try it. Imagine reading a novel with the characters and their exciting plots. RPGs transform that narrative structure into video games to let the players experience the unique stories of the protagonists. You can have an adventure without moving out from your couch!

Just recently, Rockstar Games has released Red Dead Redemption 2, a game that lets you play an outlaw in the wild-wild-west setting. The environment and plot deisigns of the game are rich. You are going to feel like a real cowboy just by playing the game. Other recommended games from RPG genre are Skyrim, Final Fantasy, and Resident Evil. Learn about them, and see if they interest you.…

Health benefits associated with clove oil

Health benefits associated with clove oil

This oil has numerous health benefits that are mainly attributed to its antiseptic, stimulating, antiviral, antifungal, antimicrobial, and aphrodisiac properties. The oil produced from cloves is used in treating various conditions such as toothaches, skin issues, blood impurities, stress, indigestion, cough, headache, and asthma. It is mostly used in dental care. Most of the oral care medications and mouthwashes contain this oil as an essential ingredient.

Clove oil is obtained from the clove tree. Even if this oil was widely used in the ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations, it has now spread to different regions of the worlds. Even now, it is still used extensively in several Chinese and Indian cuisines. Clove is loaded with essential vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin A, and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, and potassium. Outlined here below are the health benefits associated with clove oil

Treating infections

This oil has antiseptic properties which are helpful in treating cuts, wounds bruises, athlete’s foot, prickly heat, fungal infections, and scabies. It is also used in treating insect stings and bites. Individuals having sensitive skins are advised to use in diluted form because of its strong nature.

Skin care

This oil is highly recommended for lessening the effects associated with wrinkles, sagging skin, premature ageing and facial rejuvenation because of its stimulating and rejuvenating properties. Additionally, this oil is helpful in increasing the flow of blood under the skin making it look healthier and young.


Boosting the immune system

Clove oil is beneficial for the immune system. Its antiviral properties are helpful in purifying the blood and increasing resistance to diseases. This is mainly due to its powerful antioxidants which are helpful in scavenging the effects of free radicals. Free radicals are are the leading causes of major diseases such as cancer and heart problems.

Eliminating headaches

A mixture of clove oil and salt is helpful in giving the brain a cooling effect as well as relieving it from headaches. The flavonoids found in clove oil are potent anti-inflammatory agents. This has made this oil useful in easing tension and inflammation that causes headaches.

Treating respiratory problems

Its cooling and anti-inflammatory effects are helpful in clearing the nasal passage. It is therefore used as an expectorant for treating various respiratory disorders such as bronchitis colds, asthma, tuberculosis, and sinusitis. Additionally, clove buds can be chewed to soothe sore throats.

Dental care

This oil is widely used in dental care. It has potent germicidal properties that are effective in relieving toothache, mulch ulcers, sore gums and relieving dental pain.