Why You Should Choose TorGuard as Your Encryption Service

Why You Should Choose TorGuard as Your Encryption Service

The Internet is the most efficient communication means on the planet. It distributes information fast, and it is technically without restriction. But then the authorities started to regulate information broadcast in the 1990s. At that time, AT&T monopolized telecommunication network, and although the Internet was still at infancy stage, the authority saw its potential and imposed limiting policies on the technology.

On the positive side, we all now can use the Internet without worrying much about fraud, identity theft, and piracy violation. On the negative side, the government’s censorship is often blind. Educational sites may get banned just because they contain politically incorrect issues.

Luckily, there are many encryption services available today. VPN, an abbreviation for Virtual Private Network, allows a user to use the Internet with an encrypted connection. And in today’s discussion, we will discuss TorGuard service.

International Servers and Vast Network

mobile vpnWhen you want to pay for a secure Internet connection, you need to choose a company that has multiple servers across nations. Bear in mind that using a VPN is not only about accessing the blocked sites but also protecting your private data. And if your business relies on the Internet, then you cannot afford any server down to happen

TorGuard has 3000 servers across 50 countries. If one server down, you can switch to the others effortlessly. The company also ensures the client’s satisfaction by providing 24/7 assistance.

Reviewed by Notable Media

digital lockTorGuard once a hot topic in Forbes website. First, TorGuard was reported to be having issues with PayPal because the payment platform shut down TorGuard’s account. PayPal does not support illegal contents and piracy, and at that time, in 2012, PayPal suspected the legality of TorGuard. Second, the article in 2016 discussed TorGuard’s confidence in overcoming Netflix’s policy against geo-dodging.

No encryption company has ever stirred up big mass media such as TorGuard. The reports showed how the company was not an underdog in the business. Besides, other webs like Life Hacker, Ars Technica, the Guardian, and Wired have also covered TorGuard.

Offering the Best Deal

internet accessTorGuard promises a fast and secure connection for a paid subscription. For individuals, payment is available monthly, quarterly, and annually. The prices range from approximately $6 to $12. For business, it is $110 to $169, and it covers 10 to 50 VPN users at once.

If you cannot make up your mind, TorGuard offers seven days free trial. There are also TorGuard coupons with digital TorGuard promo code on sites like retailmenot.com, offers.com, and domaincouponspro.com. The company also has sale events, like on this 4 September for example. There was a 50% discount for a yearly subscription…

7 Tips to building a website

7 Tips to building a website

Having an online presence is very important if you are running any business. Studies reveal that over eighty percent of consumers search for goods or services online. Creating a website <IMG> is not a challenging task with the many tools that are available. The following tips to building a website help you to make the best site for your business.

Building a website


1. Stick to a simple design

Avoid using too many fonts, animations, and colors because they can distract the visitors and shift their attention away from your website. Take advantage of short paragraphs and bullet points to make your content more readable.

2. Mobile responsiveness matters

Recent research indicated that more than two-thirds of shoppers made purchases using their mobile devices. The truth is that more and more people are using mobile devices to search the internet for goods and services and if your website is not mobile friendly then you are losing many clients.

3. Make it discoverable

You need to select a domain name that sheds more light on your business or the name of your company. If you wish to make your website even more discoverable, you can choose to have many domains that all lead to your site.

4. Do not forget contact information

If your clients must contact you or your sales team for you to make sales, then you must place your contact information where it is easily discoverable. Your contact information has to be visible, and experts advise that you can consider putting it at the top of your homepage to allow visitors to have a stroll in the park finding it if they need it. Forgetting to place your contact information on your website will cost your business a lot.

5. Ensure quick and easy navigation

Your website should allow quick and easy navigation. In all the pages of your site, you should ensure that you have a clear way to get back to the landing page. The fundamental reason is that in many cases a search might lead guests to different pages of your site.

6. Organize your pages

Readers visiting your site must be able to place information into context. For instance, if your website contains lots of information it will overload the reader’s minds, and they won’t be able to retain valuable information. Ensure that you organize your pages by using a balance of both graphics and texts.

7. Post accurate information

djdsjskjdkdsjdjdIt is worth noting that one of the simplest ways to turn off consumers is posting information that is not correct. Whether it is an outdated product, wrong phone number or simple grammatical errors some guests will never want to revisit your site. Thus its a grand idea to proofread your pages before posting them online. Also, periodically check the pages particularly after making updates to ensure that you are displaying the correct information.

If you want to remain competitive in your niche, then you need to have both website and mobile sites to engage more users. Creating a seamless and enjoyable online users experience is the secret to reaping the benefits of your website.…