Most people do not consider a helmet as an essential component. In fact, this is the last item they buy after purchasing a motorcycle. A motorcycle helmet is one of the important accessories that every rider should have. This is the main reason why the wearing of a helmet is included in the state laws.  A helmet is meant to protect the rider from major injuries when an accident happens. Motorcycle riders are at a high risk of getting head injuries some of which are very dangerous and fatal. Passengers are also advised to wear helmets when they are cruising at very high speeds. Below are the main factors that need you need to be consider when buying a motorcycle helmet


Most helmets are made from Styrofoam or polystyrene layer to protect the riders head from injuries. The thickness of this layer should be one inch. Besides, its weight should be about three pounds. A good helmet should be simply constructed. Any protruding objects such as spikes should be avoided as it can cause a head injury. The different components of a helmet are held in place by use of sturdy rivets.



Avoid using a helmet that is out of style. Apart from being an essential safety gear, a helmet should also be fashionable. You should go for a helmet that has a great outer shell. Custom-made helmets are also available in the market.


The helmet chosen should meet the standards set by the transport department. All helmets should have a symbol from the respective transport department. In addition to this, every helmet should have a label that provides essential information about your helmet. This information includes the manufacturer’s name, helmet’s size, materials used in construction and manufacturing date. Always make sure that both the logo and label are present.

Level of protection

A good helmet should protect your entire face. This will ensure that you are safe during a collision. The modern helmets are designed with plastic face shields to protect the rider from dust, insects, wind, road debris and rain. Individuals wearing helmets that do not have wind shields are advised to wear goggles to protect their eyes. Again it is important to know that the protection offered by the shield is not enough for the eyes.


Helmets come in different sizes ranging small to extended ones. You should choose a helmet that suits you. The size of your head can be determined by wrapping it with a tape measure.

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