Credit score improvement tips

Credit score improvement tips

Your credit score is used in determining whether you are qualified to get a loan. It is also used in determining the interest rates charged on the loans. Those who have not been checking their credit score are advised to check it. This will help such people to stop some of the things that they might be doing which might be affecting their credit score. The following are some of the proven tips which will help you in improving your credit rating.

Getting your name registered electronically

Every person should be registered on the electrically regardless of whether there is an election or not. Failure to do so can negatively affect your credit rating. Lenders will always avoid lending money to those individuals who have some missing details.

Paying your mortgage

It is always advisable to pay your mortgage first when you get money. Failure to pay your mortgage payments can put you in huge debts. Eventually, this will affect your credit rating. Whenever you have difficulties when paying this loan, you should speak to your mortgage lender. This kind of an arrangement will help in reducing your payments.


Closing the old accounts

Any old credit account that is not in use should be closed. Individuals having such accounts are known for transferring their credit cards irregularly thereby taking advantage of the introductory offers. Again, such accounts could be having unused credit, and this can adversely affect your credit rating.

Being careful when applying for loans

Avoid asking too many questions when you are applying for a loan. Some lenders are known for making a credit check whenever a customer enquires about a loan. This might reduce your credit score.

Reducing your utilization ratio

You will find out that thirty percent of the customer’s credit score is based on much he or she owes in total. Having a better credit ratio can help you in paying off your credit. When you are applying for a credit or any other type of a loan, it is advisable to carry some of your store cards which have already paid.

Analysing your credit report

Your credit report should be analysed carefully. This will help in eliminating any error that might be on your report. Your credit report should be very accurate. Additionally, checking the credit report will identify if your details have been used by someone else to obtain credit.

Paying your bills in good time

Unpaid bills or late payment can affect a person’s credit score. Some utility companies are known for passing unpaid bills to the debt collection companies. This an in turn impact negatively on your credit rating.