Stretch marks occur when the skin experiences some stresses that make them stretch or shrink to some point. Due to the pressure subjected to the skin surface, the elastogen as well as the collagen tissues break; hence the skin ruptures. The collagen as well as elastogen are two types of tissues that are responsible for a skin with no scars. The stretch marks appear as the skin heals. Also, the stretch mark can arise due to other reasons such as fluctuating levels of hormone and much more. There are very high chances of getting the stretch marks during the following times;

  • Rapid weight loss /gain
  • During pregnancy for the female
  • During growth spurts at puberty
  • When one has rapid muscle growth

In this article, we are going to look at ways of using creams to get rid of stretch marks. Various studies have shown that the creams are the perfect products for getting rid of the stretch marks. Therefore, it is essential to determine the best type of cream to use to get rid of the stretch marks. Some of the ingredients used to make the creams are known to have some harmful chemicals, and hence, such creams should be avoided. Check out the official site of to gain more information. Below are the ways to use the creams to get rid of the stretch marks. They include:


Use the Cream on Early Stretch Marks

It is essential to try and get rid of the stretch marks at their early stages. Some of the stretch marks become hard to get rid of when they are on their late stages. Some of the creams seem like they don’t have any effect on the stretch mark when they are on their late stage. Hence, ensure you treat the stretch mark at an early stage as possible.

Ensure You Apply the Cream Every Day

Some of the stretch marks persist in the skin because most people only use the creams on for a few days, and then they give up. The creams do not work immediately, and therefore, one is required to apply them for several days even if the person does not notice any change. For the best results, one should use the cream for a few weeks.

Massage the Cream Well in the Stretch Mark

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For the cream to help you in getting rid of the stretch mark, it is advisable to ensure you massage the cream well in the scar. By doing so, you will enable the cream to penetrate to the responsible tissues and help in getting rid of the rapture.

Ensure the Cream Contains Hyaluronic Acid & Tretinoin

Research indicates that using a cream that contains hyaluronic acid and the tretinoin are of great importance in getting rid of the stretch marks. The two ingredients make the stretch marks less noticeable.

Other ways one can use the get rid of the stretch marks include;

coconut oil

  • Using coconut oil
  • Massaging the skin using the black tea
  • Putting onions along the stretch mark
  • Applying the egg whites in the stretch mark
  • Spreading the Aloe Vera oil in the area with the stretch mark
  • Rubbing the stretch mark using the potato juice and much more

By considering the above-discussed ways for getting rid of the stretch marks, definitely, you will be able to get rid of the stretch marks within the shortest time possible.

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